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We specialize in building Websites and Mobile Solutions utilizing various platform technologies

Offshore Development Center

The Amsyt Offshore Development Center (ODC) acts as an extension of your team.  Based in India, our ODC works with your team on your project.  The ODC team works as your offshore partner by learning your specific business needs and your market needs.  Our ODC becomes an extension of your Web/Mobile development team, at a substantial cost savings to your company.

Amsyt’s ODC is comprised of a dedicated team that provide you expert and professional Web and Mobile resources, helping you grow your business.  You gain from utilizing quality development services and using our well-equipped infrastructure at our facilities, at the most affordable prices. We free you from the worries of incorporating a business, hiring more technical people, legal fees, payroll, legal compliance, long-term office leases, security, etc., and provide you full control over your intellectual property without enormous investments.

The best and the most attractive part of our ODC is that you pay for only those resources that you use and there is no extra cost involved, which avoids you having to build or expand an Web/Mobile development team.  We can partner up to enhance what you have now in place as far as resources, etc. without the need to hire new FTEs, hardware and software etc. Talk to us first before you invest money expanding your current Web and Mobile development team

Outsourcing of Web Development

Amsyt has been a preferred Web development service provider for both small and large companies for many years. Why?  Because Amsyt delivers results.  We mostly work on Web and app technology across all business verticals. From PHP and to ColdFusion and HTML5, we have a pool of talented developers for each and every Web and app development technology. We undertake a multitude of projects such as projects for desktop apps, Web apps, and mobile apps. We have completed projects in various CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

Outsourcing requires the buy-in from management that has the responsibility for running a particular business segment. This is an important decision and one that requires us to adhere to project management schedules and accompanying deadlines for completion.  We have statistics that show that our expertise lends itself of our commitment in finishing outsourced projects within given deadlines with an optimal outcome. for our clients.

We focus on client satisfaction. Our holistic approach toward business solutions enables us to offer the best-in-class support and maintenance services for ensuring seamless operations of both Websites and applications.

Let’s discuss how we can come up with the best outsourcing solutions while catering to you and your business requirements.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing of your IT project(s) is your best solution. Amsyt’s Offshore Outsourcing not only meets your business needs, but frees you from the worries of in-house technical projects.

Amsyt develops customized Websites and Web-based software applications by using the latest technology and tools. We have expertise in developing corporate Websites, eCommerce, online shopping carts,  credit card processing systems, PHP shopping carts and other products using PHP MySQL, ASP.NET Programming, ColdFusion and PHP Programming etc. We have in-house expert PHP development lead and team, Web developers, and software developers who are experienced and have great track record of delivering quality products.

Today, most of the first world companies outsource their IT related work, human resource, payroll, and many such activities. Outsourcing these services will not only reduce your costs significantly, but also free up your administrative & marketing staff and allow them to focus on important corporate objectives.

When you outsource IT projects to a renowned offshore company like Amsyt, you are assured that the outsourced products will be up to your standards and scalable to adapt to changing business requirements.

For this reason, business choose us for their outsourcing needs. We’ve taken ‘outsourcing’ to the next level by integrating sophisticated technology, excellent client services, and relevant human resource expertise.

Amsyt offers you a wide range of options to select from. From Web to Mobile Development to consultant services to marketing and advice, we have everything you need in an outsourcing partner.  Talk to us about your outsourcing needs to see how we can help.

IT Consultancy Services

Amsyt has provided clients with Software and IT consultancy services for many years.

Amsyt Software Consultants assist you to plan strategies that make office tasks easier. Customized software solution can be developed, depending upon your business methodology. We assist in consulting you on your entire software projects with solutions from legacy system to the most modern mobility.

Amsyt’s IT Consultant Services, have provided 360-degree software solutions for almost all types of industries. Call or E-mail our IT consultant group for discussion at your place of business. Amsyt provides on-site software consulting services across the globe.

The best part of hiring the Amsyt business and technology consultant team is that we have veteran IT consultants and hundreds of developers having hands-on experience in technologies like iOS, Android, RIM, Windows, PHP, Java, .net and more. Having said that, Amsyt is one of the most sought after software development companies that has an in-house, full-fledged workforce.

Our IT consultants will help you with documentation and analyzing system requirements. Furthermore, your project is developed in-house under their own supervision. If you are looking for Internet marketing as a service, we can provide that, as well.

With a global presence, we provide IT consultancy services in the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Spain and other countries. Headquartered in India, with satellite offices all over the globe, Amsyt brings you quality software solutions at affordable costs.

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