Emerging From A Business To A Brand? Things You Should Know Before Building Your Android App.

Emerging From A Business To A Brand? Things You Should Know Before Building Your Android App.

Now the very first question that will arise in our mind is, what exactly these Android Applications are?


Well, to answer this in a very simple language, Android Applications are those that works quite efficiently on the operating system of our smartphones. The sole purpose of these applications is to realize the full potential of our mobile handset and all its possibilities.

Now you must be definitely wondering that how come such a technology be in anyway relevant to you or to your business. Well, it’s very certain for such a question to pop-up in your mind.

Let me explain it-

  • Multi-tasking – All the Android Applications posses the quality of multi-tasking, (it may sound vague to you if you are an iOS user, but yes, this is true.). By multi-tasking, we actually mean that, applications can run efficiently in the background and that too hassle-free.
  • Intents – The first and foremost purpose of all the Android Applications is to make your work easier, and one of the best way to achieve this, is by providing an efficient Hook-up System. A system which is much more “Deeper” and “Realistic”. For Example, if you are going through any website and witness an adv. of any product or company, then by clicking on that link you’ll be directly connected with that new web page, instead of a page on browser, unlike the case in iOS.
  • Back Button – We can also name it as the “Killer” feature of Android, which is actually more than a physical button. All of the android applications are stack based, ie, there are layers and layers hidden from one web page to the other. This “Killer” feature help us by directly linking us to the original web page, we started from.
  • Applications – Android applications not only make our life simpler, but they are also pocket-friendly. In other words we can say that, Android users can have access to almost all the applications available online. Also, one more striking feature of Android Application is that they can be very easily shared from one smartphone to the other with the help of Built-in WiFi and USB Tethering.
  • Navigation – Android operating system is basically a product of Google, and so is the majorly used navigational technology, ie, Google Maps. These two flawless products are very well connected to each other, and work hand in hand together.

So, by now we are very much aware with what Android based applications are and what are their uses and also how much they are relevant to you and your company. But now again a question arises that what will be the future of these Android Application? Will they still be relevant to you, say after 5-7 years from now? Or will they become much more advanced with the passing days and that to at a limit, where it will become difficult for the its users to operate them?

Well, to answer this I just have only one thing to say, “Technology is a useful servant, but a very dangerous master”. Yes, you read that right, in order to keep the technology under your control it is mandatory for you to keep yourself updated enough to control it like a servant or else it can be disastrous. IT Firm is a place, where technology changes with time and these changes in technology always focus solely on  making the work load of their users easy, but obviously as said before with its adequate knowledge only we’ll be able to achieve our this sole pupose. So, it is quite clear that with the passage of time, theses advancements in technologies will undoubtedly make our work much more easier when compared to today.


Let’s us together take a peek into the future of Android Applications, say 4 years from now, in 2020 !


  • No need of App Installation – On May 18, 2016, Google introduced their users with a latest feature that there will be no more requirement to install apps, rather the part of the application which is to be used be will be installed automatically. Google is able to make this task realistic by breaking the concerned applications into little modules, without creating a big concern for the users.
  • Maps in Android – Google employees did a vast level of research in this field and made this near to impossible task of high level of customization specifically in personal searches, i.e , with the help of “Google Now”, you will be able to track your every move, say your Monday schedule or your Saturday evening programs, all handled automatically. Also, there will be the facility of better imagery of most of the public buildings (in which you can even take a sneak-peek). Also, from safety point of view your moves will also be traceable.
  • Android Messaging – Google has already made its intents clear by launching Hangouts and in the coming future we can undoubtedly expect a much more advanced level in Unified Messaging System, which will not only be accessible on smartphones, but also on the browsers too. Android users will have accessibility to “Free” 5G Video Calling and Texting because of Google’s “Fiber Broad Band Network”.



With the advancement in technology specially in the field of Android Application, one thing is very clear, and that is with the improvement in this technology, a very big evolution is to occur. There will be the formation of a complete new era in the field of IT. Today, in the world of Android we are only lagging behind from good hardware and aesthetics, but gradually Goggle is on its way in making its this ONLY difference become negligible (and we can surely feel that by its “2020 Plans”).

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